Friday, September 19, 2008

Visiting at Stensrud Lodge & A New Vet

This afternoon Gio made his monthly trip to Stensrud Lodge to visit some of his favorite people!

Agnes really loves the "puppy-doggies".

And the crowds upstairs in the common room always love to see Gio's tricks.

Right after our visit with Gio's friends, we had an appointment with a new vet to discuss some of our medication options. This vet was at least receptive of the recommendations that I had received from Dr. Dodds. She didn't seem overly thrilled about it, but agreed that we could try to thyroid meds to see if they help before going to Phenobarbital. That's all I wanted! Just someone to listen and consider other options. To be willing to give it a try, because I have spoken with other people that have had wonderful results with a combination of KBr and thyroid meds. If it doesn't work, we will have to go to a combination of KBr and Pheno. But we'll wait and see for a month or so and see what we can get out of this.

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