Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sheltie Wars!

Gio was never really big on "playing". Before Romeo came along, he would happily play games like fetch, chase, or tug. But as far as engaging other dogs in play, that was mainly limited to running in circles around them and barking his fool head off.

When Romeo joined the family, that all changed. Romeo is BIG into playing and will try to engage any dog in a romp or wrestle. He persistently worked on Gio and after a couple of months, finally got him playing along!

Here is a version of the game that they routinely enjoy. I call it "Sheltie Wars" because there is a lot of growling, posturing, and mouth wrestling ... they basically both look like savage beasts at times, but they love every minute of it!

(Please excuse the messy room. Bouts of Sheltie Wars break out spontaneously and even the slightest movement to try and tidy up before turnin on the video camera will cause them to cease all play attempts.)

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