Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Good Romp After Class

Hub City Kennel Club started up their fall set of classes today. They are offering 3 public classes at the moment: Puppy Kindergarten, Beginner Obedience, and Novice Rally-O. I'm helping to teach the puppy class and novice rally-o. There is a club member time offered as well, so I took Romeo out to work on a couple of obedience drills.

One of the club members lives a short distance out of town and has a beautiful large yard, 9 acres I think was the number. She has kindly offered her yard for classes while the weather is still decent. The back portion is all fenced in and used just as a dog play area. She breeds Cairn Terriers and owns a couple of Golden Retrievers, so a great big open field like that gets a lot of action! After the classes, a couple of the club members took their dogs out back for some off leash play time.

There was a Jolly Ball abandoned in the field, and Romeo, being the ball-hound that he is, decided that it was high time for a good game of fetch.

Classy move there, Romer. The ball was hard plastic and quite large, so it took some practice for him to get the hang of carrying it.

"Throw it! Throw it! Throw it!"
From left to right, Sasha the Doberman Pinscher, Romeo, and Julie the German Pinscher.

A little game of Follow the Leader ... err ... Follow the Jolly Ball.
Romeo, Julie, then Sasha.

Julie, Romeo, then Sasha.
But wait! There is a fourth dog in that picture!

Yes, that is Tetley, the English Cocker Spaniel. He is absent from most of the pictures because he was off doing what English Cocker Spaniels are best at ... stalking gopher holes.

But we got him running a couple of times.
Sasha, Julie, Tetley, and Romeo.

And again.

It was eventually time to head back to the cars and go home.

Gio stayed at home today as he is still somewhat dopey and uncoordinated from his recent seizures. No more seizures since Saturday morning, so hopefully he will have at least a couple of days to recover *knock on wood* and we can get some blood work done to plot our course of action.

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