Thursday, September 11, 2008

Soaking Up the Last Days of Summer

This week is supposed to be nice and warm, temperatures all in the low 20's. But it is September and this is Saskatchewan. With that in mind, I decided to take the boys out running in the sun to take advantage of the little bit of warmth we have left.

Just out back of our house and down the back alley a short distance, are the sports fields of a nearby high school. This is a great place to take the boys running, as it is quite large and if you situate yourself right, there is a good long distance before you hit any roads. I know, not "technically" an off leash park, but I'm sure to be respectful of others that use the park. We only go when it is empty and if anyone else shows up, the boys have a great recall and I bring them straight back to me to leash up.

Today, though, the park was already occupied. While I remembered that the beginning of September often dictates the beginning of colder weather, I seemed to forget that it also brings with it the beginning of the new school year. The high school football team was having their practice, complete with rampaging testosterone, teen-staches and lots of yelling. As you enjoy this photograph, picture me ... donned in my sweatpants and an old pair of Dawgs shoes, two bouncing barking Shelties intent on a game of "catch the Flying Squirrel", sneakily hiding behind the large tree to take a picture of the "intruders" on our fetch field, trying my damnedest not too look like a creepy stalker taking peeps at the young teenage football players.

Now that you have had your laugh ... back to the dogs.

We wandered across the street to the other soccer field located behind an elementary school. It was sufficiently empty enough (and the boys were quite fed up with all this "walking" and "carrying of the Flying Squirrel").

"And they're off!"

"Many runs later ... "

"While Gio (caught in mid-bark) was still ready to go, I recognize that he will literally run until he falls over. So since Romeo (fiddling with the Flying Squirrel in the back ground) had given up at this point, I felt it was a good time to go home for a cool drink of water."

"Mmmm! That's some GOOD water!"

"You know it's been a good run when the tongues hang out like this!"

And just in appreciation of summer, a few snapshots from the back yard that I can look back on in January to remind myself what my garden will look like in another couple of months.

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