Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fruits of the Harvest?

As summer is winding down, the time has come for the garden to be cleaned out. The tomato plants were all pulled this past weekend, having provided all the toasted tomato sandwiches they could. But apparently, a couple of small tomatoes were left behind.

The first evidence of this? ... Tomato goobers on the patio.

The second piece of evidence? ... The suspicious exuberance that the boys exhibited when I let them out for a bit of business. Curious as to what I might find, I grabbed the camera and followed them around the back of the house.

Found them! Gio had found a nice ripe one, still in the garden.

While Romeo was chowing down on a green one he found in the grass.

This should be a pleasantly fragrant evening ...

On a side note, the geese have started to head South. Here is the show I received this morning, just outside my office window.

Coupled with the rapidly yellowing leaves, autumn is surely on its way.

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