Friday, March 20, 2009

Slightly Less Pathetic

Gio's pictures from yesterday looked really pathetic. Partly because he was soaking wet from his bath, and partly because he was probably shocked that he was finally home again!

Here are some more pictures from today, showing a much fluffier looking Gio. Underneath, he is still skin and bone, but at least the poofy hair hides it a bit better.

Here is the patent-pending "drugged up Sheltie" look ...

Note the gormless look of confusion.

But he is not so drugged up that he can't pester Romeo into playing tug with him.

And I think Gio likes having a bare belly ... he's a big fan of belly rubs now. Much moreso than before.

PS. I thought raw liver farts were bad! You ain't smelled NOTHING til you've smelled a "low fat high fiber veterinary canned food" fart. YIKES! And those poops are something else ... After the "Nuclear War That Ends The World" the only things left will be cockroaches and those God awful canned food poops! How is it that the volume of poop coming out of my dog is greater than the volume of food going into my dog? I can't wait until Gio is all back to normal health and we get the all-clear to switch back to a better diet.

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