Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gio Update - Tuesday Evening


All of your positive thoughts and healing vibes have reached Gio!

I went to visit him after work today and the vet was able to give me some fabulous news!

His bloodwork came back very positive. Pancreatic enzymes are down! Enzymes associated with the gall bladder are holding steady, but they are anticipating they will begin to drop now that the swelling of the pancreas is going down. Likewise with his WBC count. He's still holding down food, eating a tiny little bit every 3 hours.

The plan for tomorrow is to cut back on some of his medications. He is currently on two antacids and two anti-nausea drugs via IV. They are going to cut out the strongest of each, and attempt to administer the remaining antacid and anti-nausea drug orally. If that goes well then he can be transferred out of ICU and into the regular kennel room. Monitor again tomorrow and Thursday with a projected discharge of Thursday evening, assuming that he continues to improve as we have seen the past couple of days.

I would imagine that they will redo the bloodwork on Thursday before discharging him, but if all goes well then Gio may be coming home soon!

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