Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ahh Spring!

Makes an old dog feel like a pup again.

Albeit, a barky gap-tooth pup with a bad Poodle-do. Look man, even Romeo is embarrassed to be seen with you. And Romeo is the one that never did figure out why the snowballs I threw for him got lost so easily.

Today was such a gorgeous day, that I couldn't just sit around like a lump, as was the initial plan. I did a bunch of spring cleaning and cranked all the windows open in the house to air it out a bit. It was beginning to smell a little doggy in here, so even though it was barely above freezing outside it was nice to get a breeze blowing all the cobwebs (read: hair balls) away.

Then the boys and I went to the park for a good run. Well, the boys ran, I don't do a whole lot of running.

I chucked snowballs for the guys because we are now officially out of tennis balls. They had a blast running and being fools in the big empty park.

I caught Gio mid-pounce onto what he thought was the snowball that I threw.
No idea if it actually was or not.

Chase games.

Something about the mounds of snow on either side of the path was just irresistible for the dogs! Romeo would run back and forth across the path from snow mound to snow mound.

Then Gio joined in ...
Then it was WAR!

Look guys, you BOTH fit on the snow mounds. Now isn't that better?

"Hey, with a lame-ass poodle-cut like this, you gotta do
SOMETHING to feel like a man again!"

I should also mention that today was the first day that I have gone outside with only a light fleece jacket instead of my big winter coat! YAY!

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