Saturday, March 21, 2009

Food Time

Gio would like to tell everyone that he is STARVING!

"Attention citizens of Earth. I regret to inform you that my stomach is very empty. I fear that I may expire due to starvation at any moment."

"You guys hungry?"

"When will you learn to STOP ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS?!"

Gio remains eager that he will get real food one of these days.

Exhibit A:
"Real food" that Romeo gets to eat.
Beef liver and boneless sheep.

Exhibit B:
Point of note, it looks very similar when it comes out the other end.
Did I mention, yuck?

Exhibit C:
Gio's medicine cabinet.
The fact that he HAS a medicine cabinet means he is not "well" yet,
so more "yuck food" for him for a while.
Note the bright orange sticker on bottle #3? That sticker warns about drowsiness, or more aptly termed "Drugged up Sheltie".

But Nurse Romeo knows how to deal with patients that are "Drugged up Shelties".
They just need a good cuddle.

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