Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back in Action

Gio got to go back to "work" today. The vet said that as long as we keep things light and easy, he can go back to his normal training again. Thursday nights are drop-in nights for the group of people I do rally-o with, so I packed up the boys and headed over to the Hound Lounge for some practice.

Gio isn't allowed any food other than the icky canned slop that he is still getting 5 times a day, so instead of treats he got to work for a BALL!


I'm actually quite impressed with how the ball worked in some cases. It was very inconvenient for the basic things, but worked really well when we were practicing "moving down". (Either that, or he was just so excited to be back to work that he threw away his silly ideas regarding moving downs.) I might have to keep working with the ball instead of food for some things.

I did notice that he tired out quite quickly, so we kept his practice sessions nice and short, only about 10 minutes total.

I'm working Romeo on the finer points of rally-o versatility. He's got the "switch" position figured out (right heel position) and is getting to be really good at the various side changes. He's not very fluent with the right bum movements yet, but there is improvement. I have visions of Romeo being just as smooth at heeling on the right as he is on the left. It's a dream I have, and at the rate that he is progressing, it may actually be quite attainable! This year we are going to focus on CARO C Stream Bronze (CRB) and Silver (CRS), then maybe next year he will be smooth enough to start competing in CARO Versatility!

Of course, what is a drop-in practice session without some socializing?

Beg all you want, Gee. Everyone knows better than to give you any treats!

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