Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today was day 1 of a CARO Rally-O trial held locally. I have both dogs entered and they both did wonderfully for the first day!

Romeo finished his Excellent title with Magna Cum Laude (RXMCL)! The Magna Cum Laude means that the average of the 3 qualifying scores required for the title was over 190/200. His final Excellent leg today was a 199/200 and 1st place! He also earned one Advanced leg towards his CARO Rally Bronze (CRB) title. The CRB requires that a dog earn 5 additional legs of either Advanced or Excellent level, 3 legs must be of Excellent. They need to earn a 190/200 or higher, no re-doing stations, and the owners only have 2 minutes to walk the course. So one Advanced leg down, only 4 more legs to go for his CRB! Tomorrow he is entered in one Advanced round and one Excellent round, so if he qualifies those with 190/200 or higher, then they count towards the CRB as well.

Gio needs two more legs for his Excellent title. I had him entered in one Excellent round and one Advanced round today. He didn't qualify the Excellent round ... just too darned excited about those weave poles! But the rest of his work was beautiful and he would have wound up with a 188 had it not been for the weave re-do. Tomorrow he is entered in another Advanced (for warm up) and another Excellent round. Hopefully the Excellent won't have weaves tomorrow, then maybe we can pull off a nicer show of it! haha

They boys are both pooped now, sleeping under the computer desk and recharging for the games tomorrow again!

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