Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Romeo's Girlfriend

Romeo's girlfriend was at rally-o practice tonight. Nikki is another tri-colored Sheltie, and with the exception of their faces, the two of them could be twins! Nikki has a somewhat sharper face, while Romeo's is a bit fuller, but they are nearly the same height and have the same mannerisms, especially when playing. Normally, Nikki's owner and I let the two of them tear around a bit for some play, but the drop-in session was packed with dogs tonight so there wasn't any extra space. I had Romeo and Gio tied to the gate separating the course area from the waiting area, so poor Romeo had to do all his flirting on a tether. Maybe next time there won't be quite the crowd so Romeo and Nikki can get their romp in.

Gio just stood back and tried to ignore the silly little Shelties.

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