Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moving Day is Nearly Here!

Just wanted to give a heads up ... Don't be expecting any new blog entries from the boys until Monday at the earliest. Moving day is finally upon us!

Technically, my possession date isn't until Sunday, February 15th. But I have arranged with the seller and my lawyer to have everything finalized by tomorrow, Friday the 13th. I'll likely pick up the key tomorrow after work, and start moving stuff over on Saturday. The movers are booked for Sunday to take care of the heavy stuff. Then the phone/internet company is coming on Monday to get me hooked up in that area. So no internet for me until then. How will I ever survive?!

As soon as everything is hooked up and working, I promise to log on ASAP to update you all about the move and show how the boys are taking to their new digs.

See you all Monday! Don't have too much fun without us!

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