Saturday, February 21, 2009

SKOC Obedience Trial

Thank you to everyone for the crossed fingers and positive thoughts! It sure paid off, Gio did wonderfully today!

I had him entered in two obedience rounds at the SKOC trial. He qualified both with scores of 191.5 and 189.5. Not his finest work, a little sloppy in some portions of the heel and forgot a few sits, but other than that it was really nice looking! And he nailed BOTH long sits! The mats weren't all that slippery this time around, and I was able to position him on a seam where two mats met for extra traction. That earns him his CKC Novice (CD) title, with an extra round as "gravy".

Here is a video of the 191.5/200 round. Thanks to Jae for filming for me.

As a whole, our club (Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club) made a great showing at the trials! We had five dogs entered and all earned legs today, with two (Gio and Lily) earning their CD titles. Here is the happy bunch ...

From left to right: Liz with Cairn Terrier Lily, Elaine with German Shepherd Dog Harley, Gisele with Miniature Poodle Katie, Dayna with Shetland Sheepdog Gio, and Jeannette with Cairn Terrier Piper.

Elaine and Liz are entered in more rounds tomorrow, so here's hoping they do just as well tomorrow as they did today! Good job, everyone!

And a neat little tidbit, the two Cairn Terriers, Lily and Piper, are related. Piper is Lily's dad. So the whole family was in on the winning today!

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