Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gio's Long Lost Friend

I did another batch of packing tonight (things are really starting to look sparse!), and guess what we found up on the bookshelf?!

Gio actually stole duckie from his flyball buddy, Bailey, a couple of years ago.

This is Bailey.

Before practice one evening, back when Gio was still running flyball, duckie fell out of the back of Bailey's mom's van. Gio swooped in and stole it. We laughed, played with duckie a bit, then I tossed it aside so that we could practice flyball. Well, even though I had tossed duckie out of the way (and out of mind), Gio could not forget his new friend so easily. After every flyball run, he veered off to the spot in the grass where I had tossed duckie, dropped his ball and switched. He was so immediately smitten by duckie, that Bailey's mom told us to keep it as none of her boys were overly attached to it anyways.

The other boys being Sam and Tucker ...

So duckie came home with us and joined the army of other well-used toys. I expected Gio's infatuation with duckie to wane after a while ... but it didn't. To the point where he would carry duckie everywhere with him. It was an obsession, an addiction. Eventually duckie found his way up on the shelf and there he has sat for the past couple of years. Gradually forgotten by both Gio and me.

Tonight's packing spree resulted in duckie landing on the floor, immediately rekindling the love affair! Gio is thrilled to see his long lost buddy again!

They played ...

They sat and reminisced about old times ...

And then they curled up for a long nap together ...

A continuation of a beautiful friendship.

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