Sunday, August 31, 2008

SKOC Trial -- Day 2

Big day today! Lots of great successes!

First off, Gio had another obedience trial. He did wonderful, but blew his long sit. If he would have kept his sit, it would have been another 192.5. But with his bum leg, I really can't complain. He did everything else really well, but just couldn't pull off the sit. He did stay in place though, just stood. So I still count that as a success.

Rally-O was a really exciting time! Gio was entered in two Novice A rounds. He took High in Class in BOTH with a score of 95 in the first round and a perfect score of 100 in the second round! Romeo was entered in two Novice B rounds. The first round he was a bit of a brain-fart, and barely qualified with a 75. The second round he found his brain and pulled off a perfect score of 100! One other dog scored 100, so it came down to times. Romeo was 15 seconds slower than the other dog, so took 2nd place. But certainly can't complain about the perfect score!

I'm so proud of my boys! They did fantastic ... I couldn't be happier! This is me beaming!

Tomorrow Gio has another obedience trial and both Romeo and Gio have two more Rally-O trials.

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