Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bath Time!

The boys get a bath about 3-4 times a year, give or take. Today was one of those times.

With the "big show" coming up next weekend and winter weather quickly approaching (*shudder*), I thought this was as good a time as any. I take them to a locally owned business called Vaganza's that offers a decently priced U-Groom. Take your dogs in and for a small fee you get to use their raised tubs, grooming tables, forced air dryers, and all the shampoo, conditioner, whitener, and towels you want. Top it off with a slick of PetSilk and a cookie and we're homeward bound!

The boys don't like it very much, but I love the convenience of it all. Plus the raised tubs are much easier on the back and I don't have to do any big clean-up afterwards.

Some wet dogs ... scrawny beasts!

And some sudsy puppies!

After a spritz with some leave in conditioner and a good blow out, they are fluffy, soft and shiny!

Zoomies ensue as soon as we get home, up and down the hallway a couple dozen times. Now both are currently curled up on the bed for a nap ... it's a lot of work being handsome!

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