Saturday, November 29, 2008

We Blew the Power Out in the WHOLE City!

Okay, so maybe that is a teensy little bit of an exaggeration. Here's the whole story ...

This afternoon, "grandma" had a couple of hours off of work so the boys and I helped her decorate for Christmas. The tree went up and all the lights ... lots of lights ... many many pretty sparkly colored lights. The boys were great helpers, as always.

Headless Duck and Van Gogh Sheep lent a hand as well.

Gio mostly stayed out of the way.

While Romeo preferred to be right in the middle of the action.

And, of course, the obligatory "dress the dogs up in the Christmas decorations" event.
"Smile for the camera!"
"I will not."

"Come on, just a little smile?"
"You are an embarrassment to me."

"Wha?! ... DAMN! Fell for it again."

Romeo was significantly easier to decorate. Though he is more naturally ... err ... flamboyant. If this dog were a human, he would be Elton John. Think rhinestone glasses and sequined jackets ... Yeah ... That's Romeo to a T.

After much work in covering the small artificial tree with as many lights and bobbles as possible, the task was done. Lit up, the tree is gorgeous! Though I am a sucker for a bright Christmas tree, any one will do!

Later this evening were our regular flyball classes. Currently, we have one beginner class and two intermediate classes, plus regular club practice, every Saturday evening. The first intermediate class went well and it is followed by our second intermediate class. As everyone was gathering, mere moments before class began, the power went out. The training facility that we use was pitch black, even though the East wall is nearly all windows. That doesn't help much if the street lights are all out as well. Being as innovative and crafty as we are, a couple of people turned on their cell phones to use as small spots of light, and a couple of us trainers slowly maneuvered out way to the front of the building, avoiding stepping on dogs or tripping over jumps as much as possible. We arranged our cars in the front of the building and turned on the headlights so they shone through the large floor to ceiling windows. It was enough to light a good portion of the room and we were able to continue on with class as usual! Of course, the plan was altered a bit so that no one had to go running off into a dark corner, but we were able to work on some close box work. At least it wasn't a complete waste of a night. We did cancel the beginner class and the club practice, though. Didn't want to kill any car batteries or run anyone out of gas just to light the building!

From what we heard, it sounded as if the power was out for a good portion of the North end of the city. One of our club members is from Hepburn (about half hour out of the city) and she recieved a text message saying power was out there as well. We adjourned to a Tim Horton's on the other side of the city for coffee and donuts, again not a bunch of people that are willing to waste an evening! I had to head back up to the North end to get home a couple of hours later, and the power was back on.

Think it must have been all the Christmas lights on our tree ... yeah ... that must have been the problem!

And speaking of Christmas, another e-card arrived this evening! This one from LeeTal and CoCo.

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