Monday, November 17, 2008

More Pictures from the Rally-O Trial

Here are a couple more pictures that didn't make it into yesterday's story.

As I was getting everything ready to load in the car, Gio decided that he had better stay close by so that I didn't forget to pack him, too.

Piper, a little Cairn Terrier that trains with us regularly, is just the cutest little thing. He did really well this weekend, especially considering it was his first trial!

Ty, my favorite little Corgi. She LOVES Rally-O, and prances her way around the ring.

First thing to do when you get to a hotel ... test out the bed.

Friday night I ordered some pasta and pizza bread from Boston Pizza. The boys practiced their best "Starving Puppy" impressions.

Don't you just LOVE hotel room decor?

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