Monday, December 29, 2008


This time of year is quite slow for training. The different dog groups that I belong to take a break for the holidays, and most other classes and drop-ins are canceled for a couple of weeks as well.

I have to keep the boy's brains going during this time, or they will pester me to no end. As it is, the toy box is emptied and refilled a couple times a day.

I just have a small space to work them in, but small area work is beneficial as well. It would be glorious to have a great large empty room with good flooring and all the agility/rally-o equipment I could ask for ... But alas, I only have a 10'x6' opening in the living room if I push the coffee table out of the way. I try to use it to my advantage and get in some "tight space" work when I can. I have found that small crowded spaces have their advantages, though. The dogs learn to work in small spaces and around obstacles, so heeling into walls and pivoting amid physical barriers serves as great distraction practice for trials. You never know how a Rally-O course will be set up, if you will need to heel into a corner, send for a jump into a wall, or maneuver your way around a support beam.

Here is a video of our session from the other day ...

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