Saturday, December 20, 2008

M&G Secret Santa Opening Day!

Today is the gift opening day for a doggy gift exchange that I signed up for with a bunch of friends. Our randomized Secret Santas were Izzie, Moxie and Kristen of The Corgi Lounge!! They are amazing and send some really fantastic presents for me and the boys.

First, Gio tried to open the box.

Then Romeo tried.

I had to help them out. At the rate they were going, everything was going to be shredded instead of merely opened.
Gio still isn't feeling so hot because of his new seizure meds, so he wasn't too keen on tearing the packages open. Romeo gladly took that job and tore into the first one.

"Hey ma! I think there is something in here!"

"There IS something in here, and I think it's for ME!"


"Let's open this one now."

"Damn. Opposable thumbs sure would help with these knots."


I offered each gift to Gio to see if he was interested in tearing it open. Nothing really grabbed his attention through his drugged up haze. Until the last one ...

"Ooh, this smells 'nom'-able."

"Further inspection yields positive information ... definitely 'nom'-able."

The wonderful scent of dried venison treats allowed Gio to shake away the drug haze long enough to realize that there is a tennis ball on the end of that tug from earlier! Gio's universe revolves around tennis balls!

"A ball?! A tug!? A BALL I CAN TUG ON!! My life is complete."

Also included was a little gift for me. A little bottle of some fabulous body scent from Arcana Soaps called "Soft Hearted". The description I found online is:
Limited Edition Hand-blended Soft Hearted Perfume Oil by Arcana. All tenderness and compassion. This gentle union of pink grapefruit, sweet lavender, green lotus and softest musk is touched off with an arterial spark of black pepper.
Also included was a BPAL imp of "Cockaigne", described as:
Milk and honey, sweet cakes and wine.
And a marvelous spritzer bottle of something that smells just heavenly. It isn't labeled, but it smells fabulous!

The boys and I say a HUGE "Thank You" to Moxie, Izzie, and Kristen, for the monster ball tug, moo-ing plush cow, dried vension dog treats, and fabulous body scents for the human. Oh, and the cute doggie hair-bows that were used to wrap the presents.

(PS. Prior to writing this I put a dab of the Arcana "Soft Hearted" oil on one wrist and a spritz of the mystery scent on the other. They both smelled quite different in the bottle, but now that they have calmed down and settle on my skin, I believe they may both be the same scent. I think the mystery spritzer is the "Soft Hearted" scent diluted down to make a body mist. AWESOME!!)

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