Sunday, December 14, 2008

HCKOC Christmas Party

Today was the annual Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club Christmas party. Dogs, of course, are invited! (If any HCKOC members would like copies of these pictures, let me know which ones you want and I will forward them to you.)

Gisele (with Katie, Miniature Poodle), Verna (with Elmo, Norrbottenspets), and Jan (with Saluki pups).

Jae, Jeannette (with Gem and Spice, Cairn Terriers).

Elmo, Norrbottenspets.

Liz (with Lily, Cairn Terier), Jae, Jan (with Saluki pups), Dante and Verna (with Elmo, Norrbottenspets).

Gisele with Gina and Katie (Miniature Poodles).

Jeannette (with Gem, Cairn Terrier), Julie (with Zorro, Belgian Shepherd), Liz (with Lily, Cairn Terrier), Jae (with Spice, Cairn Terrier), Jan (with Saluki pup), Jill (with Tetley, English Cocker Spaniel), Dante (with Elmo, Norrbottenspets), Verna (holding Gio and Romeo for me), and Gisele (with Gina and Katie, Miniature Poodles).

Zorro (Belgian Shepherd), Gio (Sheltie), Lily, Spice, and Gem (Cairn Terriers), Romeo (Sheltie).

Jeannette with a bunch of pooches.

Jan's Saluki pups.
Elmo (Norrbottenspets) and Zorro (Belgian Shepherd) playing.
Poor puppers, left out while all the humans enjoyed the wonderful food.

Bobbing for Weiners!!

Tetley (English Cocker Spaniel), darn ears get in the way!

Elmo, Norrbottenspets.
Gina, Miniature Poodle.

Zorro, Belgian Shepherd.

Romeo LOVES this game.
Gem (Cairn Terrier) with a very wet face, and Gina (Miniature Poodle) making sure Gem didn't miss any weiners.

Romeo and Lily (Cairn Terrier) waiting for more weiners to be delivered to the bucket.

We also had a gift swap/exchange. I fought for a Weasel Ball for the boys, and despite having to steal from a young boy, I won! (Sorry Dante.) Romeo appreciated my efforts.

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