Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weave Pole Practice

Now that I have (sorta) gotten used to seeing my big bum on video, I've become quite a fan of video taping the various practices and trials that I do with the boys. I find that by watching myself on tape, I can see many things that I don't see when I'm actually working them.

Romeo has only been training in weave poles for a short while now. I think he is doing really well, and once I get my act together, he could be really good! (But maybe I'm just a little biased.)

I notice, now that I can watch from a different perspective, that there are a couple of things I want to clean up. He looks at me after every second pole, so I've really got to work on patterning more than two poles at a time. I do eventually want to phase out the hand signals, as well, but for the time being, it keeps him from popping out too soon. I also think for the that next practice session I'm going to chuck his treat back after the last pole so that he fires out away from the poles instead of looping back to me.

I am impressed at how well he is catching on to the off-side entries, though! He isn't anywhere near consistent yet, but he'll get the off-side weaves about 75% of the time. After all those little things are cleaned up, I'm going to start adding distance and send from different angles.

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