Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Pics and Rally Practice

Last weekend the agility club that I take classes with, D&S Dogs of Course, held a Halloween photo shoot. I took the boys over for some festive pictures. They were posted to the website today, and I'll be able to get the actual prints this weekend.

You can see all the photos HERE. What a good lookin' bunch of dogs!

Tonight was rally-o practice, and the boys had a wonderful night! We set up a couple of Excellent courses for some run-throughs. Both of the dogs were really on top of things tonight and performed wonderfully! Normally, I will work them each individually on some smaller elements, then run about 2 courses each. They were doing so well tonight, that we ended up running 4 courses each and they still weren't faltering! I'm so proud of them! Gio took his spread jump without issue and even pulled off a couple of "moving stands" by the end of the night. Romeo kept his head up all evening and didn't have any of his normal issues with lagging. It really feels good working them when they are "on" like that. Hopefully we can keep this streak up and carry it through to the CARO trial in Regina in 3 weeks.

Afterwards, they had a good tear-about with some of the other dogs there. Two Shelties, two Border Collies, a Cardigan Corgi, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, and two Whippets ... that was a LOT of craziness! The boys really want a Whippet now, they both took a shining to a pretty little female Whippet and I'm sure they would have been glad to bring her home with us.

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