Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Introducing ... Beatrice!

Sheltie Hair presents to you, our new family member ... Beatrice!

Beatrice was a rehome situation that I heard about this past weekend from a friend. Said friend's sister is moving out of town and having to rehome sweet little Beatrice. I have been contemplating the addition of a small furry non-dog beastie for a while now, so the situation was perfect!

Beatrice is my first guinea pig, so she will likely teach me a lot. But she is super sweet and I'm sure will be a great teacher.

We did the initial meet-n-greet between Bea and the boys, and she handled it VERY well!

Romeo is a little bit terrified of her ...

But her and Gio really seemed to hit it off! Gio is completely fascinated by her, and she seems politely curious about him as well. Gio's already caught on that he has to be in a "down" if he wants to sniff at her, and Bea has started to learn that Gio's tail is a GREAT place to rustle around in.

Romeo will take a little longer to come around, but it will come, I am sure.

For now, Bea just has a small cage, so I will have to work on upgrading her living conditions. Though with how well the introductions went tonight, supervised floor time should be a breeze!

I really don't know much of anything about guinea pigs, so I've been doing a lot of reading online and asking around to friends. If anyone has any idea what sort (breed?) of guinea pig Bea might be, that would be really cool to know!

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