Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Romeo!

Today is little Romi-Pig's 3rd birthday! Officially a big boy now!

"Grandma" spoiled him with a squeaky squirrel (with lots of "hair", just like he likes 'em) and a basketball for the back yard. In addition to the X-pen, which was originally supposed to be a birthday present for the Romeo ... you just can't hold those grandmas back!

I also made up the boys' favorite Fishy Fudge training treats and we celebrated with my Rally-O class dogs this afternoon. I bought some birthday hats thinking that maybe, just MAYBE, if I acted pathetic enough, my students would humor me enough to pop a party hat on their dogs and let me take a couple of pictures. Turns out they were thrilled with the prospect, and the dogs seemed to really enjoy it as well!

Of course, no one enjoyed the hats like Sophie did. Sophie, a lovely (though somewhat energetic) Labrador Retriever, thought that her birthday hat was the best thing in the world and just had to show it off to everyone. She was quite proud of herself, actually.

Sophie's "brother", Spike, was slightly less thrilled, but humored us all and posed for a picture.

The Afghans, Weasel and Nola, won the fashion and style award with the hip and trendy bed-head bangs peeking from under the hats.

Edgar, a Standard Poodle, celebrated his birthday yesterday, so we had to get a picture of the two birthday boys together* (and Sophie just had to sneak in the background of the picture to show off her fancy hat some more).

Finally, little Gina the Miniature Poodle, was nearly lost in the hat. It was much to big for her, and she was convinced that it was too heavy as well. She's such a trooper!

Then, after a good run in the park, I wrangle the two Shelties together and convinced Gio to pose with Romeo. Though Gio kept trying to steal the spotlight by inching forward to block Romeo out completely.
"Well, what the heck am I supposed to do?! Romeo has been the subject of the past TWO blog posts without even slight mention of ME! What's a dog gotta do to get his handsome mug featured on this blog, eh?!"

Thanks everyone for being an accomplice to my psychosis! It totally made my day! And I would like to think that Romeo might have had a good time as well ... or maybe it was just the Fishy Fudge.

* This picture cracks me up! They both look so somber and serious!

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