Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Therapy Dog Demo Day

This morning a group of St. John Ambulance therapy dog teams all converged on Prairie Spring Care Home in Saskatoon. We were invited to give a demo for the staff and residents, and demo we did!

Started out with an intro of each dog, and the spotlight to perform fun tricks.

Gio and his Poodle buddy, Gina, have a cute little trick that they like to do for people. Big thanks to my camera lady who tried very hard to get a picture of their trick. But Gina is a fast little thing, and the camera timing is hard to nail down. Basically, I put Gio in a stand-stay and walk away. He has the easy job. Then Gina jumps over him, often launching off his back, a couple of times. Ending with running underneath him. It's a bit crowd-pleaser! Here are a couple of attempted pictures of the trick ...

Then on to a tiny agility course with jumps, spreads, a tunnel, and weaves.

And finally a meet and greet with the audience.

Everyone was thrilled with the performance, and all the therapy dog teams had a really good time!

Pretty good looking crew!!
(From left to right: Kerry with Anaea, Jen with Gracie, Carol with Palabrita, Dayna with Gio and Romeo, Karen with Ceilidh, Gisele with Gina and Kate, and Rebecca with Kennedy)

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