Thursday, June 25, 2009

Canine Strength and Endurance - Take 2

As promised, I toted along my camera to the canine strength and endurance class that I am enrolled in. Just to give a visual of the size of this freakin' hill!

Here it is from the top ... pretty, right?

A little deceiving though.

Here is the hill from the bottom. That is a big tall man and a teeny Sheltie at the top. Yes that little black speck is Sis, Romeo's new girlfriend (he's such a man-tramp).

We did much of the same as last week, with a few new things. Started with warm-ups for humans and dogs. Then on to some weight-pulling. Each dog was suited with a harness and a bag of rocks was attached to the back with a leash. 2lb for the small dogs, more for the big dogs. Romeo got a 2lb bag, which works out to roughly 13% of his body weight. Then we walked with them pulling the bags across the field, from the base of the hill to the road (which you can see in the first picture just before the trees), and back again. Then we removed the weights, and did some sprints on the flat, then sprints up the hill and down a couple of times. Ended with crawls under the pool noodles, and some cool-down stretches for humans and dogs.

I'm really enjoying this class. A lot of great people and sweet dogs. The class is made up of 2 Shelties, 2 Pugs (really nice ones, not fat, very lean and muscle-y, no bulgy eyes), a Border Collie, a Kelpie, and a Rat Terrier.

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