Friday, January 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Okay, here's the news. I've tried to be quiet about this so as not to get my hopes up too much. Even though it's sort of been in the process of happening for the past year or so, it wasn't until this past week that things actually started happening and falling into place.

But in one month's time, the boys and I are moving to our own house!


So excited! A place of my very own!

I've been beaten up by numerous banks and stabbed in the back by a mortgage broker, but the finances finally came together yesterday. Today was the home inspection, and all is well. Tomorrow I meet with the realtor to sign the papers, and then it is mine come February 15th.

Time to start packing!

I know entries have been a little photo-sparse lately ... and this post isn't even about the dogs so I can't really fill it up with pupper pics. So to tide you all over, here are a few shots of my new place.

Kitchen with brand new fridge and stove.

Cute little side area in the kitchen. Excuses the messes left by the renovators, that stuff is all gone now.
Living room.
Wee little back yard for the boys!

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