Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ROAD TRIP continued

So we're home now, settled in and rested up. Life is back to normal.

Last weekend the dogs and I went on a road trip to attend a Sheltie Party! WOOHOO! Circle of Sheltie Friends has a yearly summer party for members. Not all of us are from the same area, so this year there were Sheltie Parties spread across the US and Canada. I attended the party in Edmonton, which meant about a 6 hour drive. Took a couple of days off, packed the car with dogs and presents, and headed out!

The party didn't start until Saturday, but the hostess was gracious enough to let me bunk at her place for the weekend. She has two stellar Shelties, Luka (9 years) and Cullen (2 years). All of the boys got along very well; Romeo and Cullen chased each other around the house while Gio and Luka stood back and barked at them. Perfect match!

Gio and Romeo especially loved the resident children! The young boy was a ball throwing machine, and tossed toys and balls for the dogs for ages. Easy way to win over the heart of a Sheltie ... balls and food.

The party on Saturday saw 13 dogs (12 Shelties and 1 Collie), plenty of food, loads of kids, and some great company! It was a great time had by all!

Remember the two ways to win over a Sheltie? Here is the second one! FOOD!

I guess, in lieu of food, scratches are acceptable, too.
And kids can supply ball throwing, food, AND scratches! WOOHOO!

Gio made a new buddy in Jake, the other super-sized Sheltie at the event. I think they are the most handsome super-sized Shelties EVER! Even down to their matching front leg markings.

All of these festivities resulted in plenty of tired Shelties.

We hit the road again on Sunday to come home. One pit stop along the way ... Vegreville!

Vegreville is between Edmonton and Lloydminster and is home to the world's largest Pysanka (ie. Ukrainian Easter egg). This has always been my favorite roadside attraction. I have an odd love for those giant statues or sculptures that many towns have and would some day love to go on a road trip and visit all of the big monuments, statues, and small town museums that I come across! Some day ... when I have more money and time than I know what to do with.

I have a photo like this from when I was much younger. Thought it was only appropriate to get a picture of the dogs with the egg as well!

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