Friday, April 9, 2010

Romeo is Weird

I've said it many many times. And I don't think people really "get" how weird he is. Yes, he is an incredibly smart dog, flamboyant, eager, and animated. But he's just really REALLY weird, too. He does things that are just strange. Things that, I'm sure, other dogs do. But while other dogs may do a couple of strange things, he seems to do them all!

From snorkeling in water dishes to bathtub jumping to taking his frustrations out on his rage pillow.

Since people just don't seem to believe me when I say that I have the weirdest dog ever, I've decided to make my way through his list of oddities and put each one to cue. I'll make a video of each training attempt, and can then take his weirdness on the road to prove to the masses how strange he is!

So here we go, Parts I and II of "How to Train Your Dog to be Weird".

Romeo Blowing Bubbles

Romeo doing an Elvis Impersonation

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