Thursday, November 19, 2009

CARO Rally-O Videos

At the HCKOC CARO Rally-O trial on October 3rd and 4th, a friend was able to get some video of many of the runs. She was kind enough to send me copies of Gio's and Romeo's runs. They both did SO well at that trial, I am thrilled to have their performances documented!

Gio - Excellent B - Round 1
If it weren't for that darned jump redo he would have had a perfect 200/200 run!

Gio - Excellent B - Round 3
Again, an NQ, but some of the individual elements were really nice!

Romeo - Excellent C - Round 1
Final score 198/200

Romeo - Excellent C - Round 2
Final score 197/200 and finishing off his CARO Rally Bronze (CRB) title

Romeo - Excellent C - Round 3
Final score 200/200, first leg of his CARO Rally Silver (CRS) title

Huge thanks to Sophie Brunet for taping the runs and putting the videos all together!

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