Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Hooligans

I love Halloween. Have I mentioned that already?

This year we've had many Halloween festivities. The first of which included our regularly scheduled therapy dog visits ... WITH COSTUMES! I had purchased two costumes, an angel and a devil. Both "human" costumes that I then modified for the boys. "Modified" meaning that I used twist ties to fasten things to their harnesses and hoped for the best. I had intended for Romeo to be the devil and Gio to be the angel ... you know, to fit their personalities. But, as it turns out, Romeo is just too darned cute in the angel wings and the devil horns fit on Gio's head better. For the therapy dog visits, though, they both wore the angel/fairy wings (slightly more appropriate for visiting the aged). The costumes were a big hit! We got so many giggles and grins with the angel wings, and all of our practice with "hold it" really paid off when it came to the fairy wand.

Gio and Lily at Eamer Lodge

Romeo and Ceilidh at Saskatoon City Hospital

In addition to the therapy dog visits, we had a pumpkin carving party a couple of nights ago. Complete with goodies ...

... for the people ...

... and the dogs ...

... and the guinea pigs!

Of course, silly hats were involved.
Don't have too much fun, Tash. You wouldn't want to hurt yourself.

I was a little more ambitious this year with my proposed pumpkin designs than I have been in years past. More often than not, my jack-o-lanterns end up with the traditional "triangle face" known and loved the world 'round. This year, though, I really tried to step it up!

A free-handed wolf silhouette

And a Sheltie design I found online

I'm quite proud of how they turned out. Even more thrilled with the flashing multicolored pumpkin lights I found at the Zellars!
And, in the dark is even better.

Of course, the boys were their usual helpful selves and were eager to assist with the clean-up.

"Did you know pumpkin is good for puppies? You do love me, right?"

"Food? Where?!"

By the end of the night, we had a good batch of stunning jack-o-lanterns! The two on the ends were carved by Judy. In case you have been living under a rock, the one on the far left is Carol from Where the Wild Things Are (awesome movie based on a fabulous book! Read it, watch it, love it). The two in the center were carved by "Epic's mom", author of Jacked.

Tip: Those little pumpkin carving kits you can by for $5 ... TOTALLY WORTH IT!

So, HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! Hope you all have a fabulous night tomorrow with lots of treats and a few good tricks!

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