Friday, September 4, 2009

Yorkton Show Picture

My pictures finally arrived! At the Rally-O trial in Yorkton a couple of weekends ago, I had some professional pictures taken of me and the boys. I had a picture done when they finished their CKC Novice and Advanced Rally-O titles, so thought I should round it all off nicely when they got their Excellent titles as well.

Odd, though, as I don't believe they checked the order before they popped everything in the mail to me.

The carbon copy of the order form that was placed in the envelope with my order clearly has the option for "One show photo (8x10 or CD)" selected, with a great bit circle around the "or CD" part. I have no use for hard copy pictures. But I do like an electronic copy for posting on the blog and sending to friends and family. However, in the envelope with the order form, (you know, the one that clearly has "or CD" circled) are included TWO 8x10 hardcopy photographs. Not one photograph. Not a CD with one image on it. Rather TWO photographs.


Very odd.

I'll have to make sure and check my credit card statement to be sure they only charged me for one (one photograph is the same price as one CD image).

But whatever. The picture is really nice. The dogs look great, instead of their usual goofball expressions. And I don't look half bad either, considering that I am highly allergic to cameras. Oh, you didn't realize that people could be allergic to cameras? Yes, it is true! A surprisingly large number of people are dangerously allergic to them. The key symptom is extreme puffiness, especially around the midsection, face, and upper arms. Deadly!

Anyways, seeing as I did not get an electronic copy of the picture, you will all have to make due with a picture of a picture. Not too bad ... slightly warped looking because the original has a bit of a curve to the paper and I couldn't get it to lay flat properly. But you get the idea!

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