Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Love Dollarama!

Really, truly I do!

I am taking the plunge and starting up my own Rally-O classes this summer (June 6th, to be precise), so have been running around gathering supplies for the past while. Got the CARO signs all printed and laminated, have my classes set up, a location, and all the important stuff. I've been trying to figure out the easiest and cheapest way to make sign holders that won't blow over in the wind, so in a last ditch effort decided to wander the aisles of Dollarama to see what jumped out at me.

After one trip I have all I need for Rally-O classes ... all for under $25!!

8 pylons
2 metal dog dishes
a folder to hold all the signs
the riggings for my home-made bar jump
50 plastic clothes pins
and 36 "Rally-O sign holders"

The sign holders are actually panels of small decorative garden fence. They are about 8 inches high and shove into the ground, intended for making frilly little borders around your flower gardens. But they pop apart easily and are just the right height to hold an 8.5 x 11 " piece of paper. Together with the plastic clothes pins, I have compact, light weight sign holders that poke right into the ground so won't blow over in the crazy prairie winds that we have!

I have weave poles (electric fence poles) that will work well for the Excellent level class, and am arranging to borrow a set of broad jumps from a friend. I think I might even be able to wrangle a tunnel for a couple of classes as well!

I'm quite surprised in the number of people I have signed up for classes. So far, enough for two Beginner classes, one Novice class, and one Advanced/Excellent class. Very exciting!

I'm really eager to get started ... so are the boys!

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